Television Credits



For the Love of Ella - 2017

TV Pilot
| Filming now

Manikin Cigar Commercial
Directed by Terry Donovan
Shot on location in the Antillies

"Go Girl"(1972)

"Coronation Street" (1971)
Françoise Dubois


"Napoleon and Love" (1972)


"Private Lives" (1976)

"You're on Your Own"
with Dennis Quilley - BBC

"My Honorable Mrs"
with Derek Nimmo - BBC

"Don Quixote"
with Rex Harrison - BBC

"The Brothers"(1976)
When Will You Pay Me? (1976)
Oranges and Lemons (1976)
Red Sky in the Morning (1976) >>
Red Sky at Night (1976)
Therese d'Alambert

"Blankety Blank"
with Terry Wogan

"Celebrity Squares"
Host Bob Monkhouse - ITV

"Happy Ever After"
with June Whitfield and Terry Scott - BBC

"Summer & Smoke"
Rosa Gonzales

"Rule Britannia" Thames TV

"The Dick Emery Show"

"Mind Your Language" (1977-1980)
Danielle Favre

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