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"If you're going to make rubbish, be the best rubbish in it" - Richard Burton  
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Hide & Seek (working title)
(in pre-production)

A thriller written by Simon Golding and directed by Jason Figgis

Producer: Françoise Pascal for MFC Productions Ltd/Pascal Productions Ltd
Producer: Simon Golding for Salopian Films

MFC Productions Ltd
 'Lightning the White Stallion' 1983
with Mickey Rooney and Susan George
  Lightning the White Stallion
Lightning the White Stallion
'Keep it up Downstairs' (1976) Mimi
with Diana Dors, Jack Wild, William Rushton and Aimi MacDonald
  Keep it up downstairs Keep it up downstairs
'Et si tu n'en veux pas' aka 'The Body Shop' (1976) Margo    

'Soft Beds and Hard Battles' (1974) Madeleine

with , ,

  Soft Beds Hard Battles Soft Beds Hard Battles
'La Rose de Fer' (1972) starring Françoise Pascal

'The Iron Rose' was re-released in 2011 on Blu-Ray and DVD 'La Rose de Fer' Review
  La Rose de Fer La Rose de Fer

Burke and Hare' (1972)

with , and

  Burke and Hare Burke and Hare
'Sin' aka 'The Beloved' (1970) - Papis Filipedes    
'Theres a Girl in my Soup (1970)
kindly provided by Piers Mettrick

with and

'Incense for the dammed' (1970)

with , , and

  Incense for the Dammed Incense for the Dammed
'School for Sex' (1968)    
'Loving Feeling' (1968)   Loving Feeling with Simon Brent Loving Feeling with Simon Brent

'Sympathy for the Devil' aka 'One plus One' (1968)

A Jean Luc Goddard Film with 'The Rolling Stones'

  Sympathy for the Devil