Then came numerous guest star roles with Rex Harrison in 'Don Quixote', Lee Remick in Tennessee Williams' 'Summer & Smoke', 'Terry & June' with June Whitfield and Terry Scott, 'Giants & Ogres' for Granada, etc..

She met Vince Powell at Thames Television whilst performing in an episode of one of his TV series, 'Rule Britannia', but little did she know that he was writing the part of Danielle Favre for her in 'Mind Your Language' (1977). Her first starring role on the British stage was in 'Happy Birthday' in 1980, with Frazer Hines and Judy Carne, with whom she had made a brief appearance in 'Rowan & Martins Laugh In' in 1969, after being prompted by Jeremy Lloyd to appear in the show. Then continued to star in 'Bell Book & Candle' and the Pantomime 'Alladin' in Camberley. She then went on to star in the Hit TV Series 'Mind Your Language' from 1977 until 1980. Eventually becoming a cult figure of the seventies.

Françoise left for the USA in 1980. In Hollywood she had a two year contract for the hit TV show 'The Young & The Restless'. Then co-starred with the
late Robert Urich in the TV series 'Gavillan'. She went on to star in theatre in Hollywood playing Rosalind in 'As you Like It' and Octavia in 'Anthony and Cleopatra'. Françoise received rave reviews for playing Olivia in 'Twelfth Night' (which won her the LA Critics Award in 1985). Then co-starred with Mickey Rooney and Susan George in 'Lightning the White Stallion' (1986).

Françoise returned to London in 1987....
Whilst her fame had seen her with little happiness it fulfilled her childhood ambition of being an actress. She thinks of herself as a true survivor of the showbiz syndrome. Françoise lost her partner Simon in September 2009, she then relocated to London where she feels closer to her work. Her current projects for 2015 are TV Series 'For the Love of Ella'. A Feature Film 'Girl Force' and recently finished a narration on 'Fragments of Fear'

Motto: "le Coeur a ses raisons, que la raison ne connait pas" from Blaise Pascal